Expert No Nonsense Advice, Actionable Resources and the Supportive Community You Need To Get Your Shit Together!


  • You’ve got great ideas, but don’t know
    if they will be profitable
  • You want to launch a business but have NO idea where to start
  • You’re tired of making inconsistent sales and just want to be profitable
  • You’ve got the ambition, passion and drive to make BIG things happen, but feel stuck


  • Bullshit coaches and mentors who take all your money over promise and don’t deliver
  • Judgemental and unsupportive communities
  • Taking expensive courses that leave you underwhelmed
  • Spending endless time on the internet seeking answers only to feel confused and overwhelmed

Welcome To The WomeneurCollective, Created So You Can…


Get the clarity, Resources and Actionable Steps You Need to Plan, Create, Launch, Sustain & Grow Your Business Successfully and Profitably

what is the womeneurcollective?

It’s an exclusive, members-only community for emerging and early-stage female entrepreneurs. We offer profit driven resources, actionable next steps, expert advice and one-on-one guidance from our Founder, Sharon Beason.

All within a supportive, uplifting global community of badass women who are ready to own their superpowers and shake up the world.

The bottom line is this

The WomeneurCollective is a one stop shop for badass business owners who are ready to stop wasting time and start seeing results.

Who Are You?

You’re a busy, action taker who has had enough of the surface-level BS the so-called gurus teach. That’s why we’ve packed the WomeneurCollective with some of the most comprehensive workbooks, audio files, instructional videos, fill-in-the- templates and “get-shit-done” cheat sheets you’ll find on the Internet.

Why the WomeneurCollective?

Access to Reliable & Professional service providers 

Exclusive to WomeneurCollective members, access our curated “Black Book” of Reliable Service Providers. Available to design your logo or website, register your trademark, set up your bookkeeping, file your taxes and more. Sharon has either used their service or placed them through a strict vetting process. You can book their service directly inside our community. They will also contribute content periodically.

A no-bullshit zone

The founder, Sharon tells it and teaches it like it is. No fluff, no pretension. She walks the walk and talks the talk.


Starting a business is no joke, and no one will take it more seriously or be more ready to help like your fellow Collectives. In our exclusive online forum, you’ve got a team of like-minded business bosses from around the world cheering you on and supporting your every endeavor. Not only that, but you’ve also got a group of experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to share their expertise. Get advice from the women who have been where you are, and where you want to be.

I’m Sharon Beason, and honestly?

I’m just like your real life Aunty. You know the one. She tells it like it is and isn’t afraid to give you the dose of tough love that you know you really needed. She sees the best in you, and she’s not about to let you settle for anything less.

I’m the no-nonsense Aunty for your business.

I’m the founder of Womeneur and I launched the WomeneurCollective in 2017 for emerging and early-stage female entrepreneurs just like you, who are searching for a supportive community that speaks to them and supports their growth. I saw how overwhelming the sea of online resources can be, and how so many claim to offer advice for emerging entrepreneurs but don’t follow through with a roadmap to success. No one was helping anyone find clarity. Nothing was providing actionable steps. I knew I could do better, so WomeneurCollective was born.

I’ve bundled up all my knowledge and the expertise I have gained throughout the years, and instead of charging thousands of dollars for one-on-one guidance, you can now get it all as a WomeneurCollective member.

My upfront coaching style has helped hundreds of women find their footing as they establish their businesses. I’m so proud of the WomeneurCollective – it’s a membership experience unlike any other and I’ve worked hard to build this powerful, global community loaded with endless resources.

Being an entrepreneur is no joke nor should it be taken lightly. No matter what stage you’re in, I look forward to supporting you on your journey to becoming a successful lady boss.

As Seen In...

You Can Count on The WomeneurCollective to MAKE SURE You Achieve the Success and Financial Freedom You’ve Been Yearning For… But Don’t Take Our Word For It

Talibah M. Bayles - TMB Tax & Financial Services

"The information I've received in the Collective has been extremely valuable. The topics apply to businesses at every stage of growth. The added bonus is the sense of accountability you get when engaging with Sharon and other CEOs inside the group. Very positive, productive, and inspiring platform."

Birmingham, Alabama
D'Cher Whitaker - Love Peridot

"The WomeneurCollective has been a game changer for me. It’s filled with a wealth of knowledge and the founder, Sharon is extremely helpful with questions you may have and easily accessible. I highly suggest all woman entrepreneurs subscribe to this amazing membership if they’re looking for community and resources to help along the journey."

Chicago, Illinois
Vanessa Watson - Living in The Second Half

"The value of being a WomeneurCollective member as a new entrepreneur is invaluable. Sharon provides a wealth of knowledge that has helped me tremendously in my entrepreneurship journey. I highly recommended WomeneurCollective for any new or existing entrepreneur who is ready to step their game up."

Montclair, NJ
Kim Lassiter - Katura Day Spa

"I’ve progressed tremendously in business and personally from being a part of the WomeneurCollective. I love the accountability, the challenges that make you think outside the box, the daily interactions, the professionalism, and encouragement from other members. The platform is AMAZING and very interactive. We are a PHENOMENAL TRIBE of WOMEN!!"

Charlotte, North Carolina
DeBria L Gibson - DLG Bookkeeping

"It has been amazing, productive, fulfilling and more!! I’ve made lasting connections, great networking contacts and am surrounded by a pool of women who get it and WANT support one another. Sharon is the best!!!"

Orlando, Florida
Laika Ottinot - LAÏKA

"Being in the Collective has inspired me in providing me tools, strategies and a community of badass women moving on and forward. The lesson and printed materials had made learning on the move a reality for as I need that flexibility. Also just being able to log on and not miss a thing works so well for my lifestyle because I can’t always be on live. Thanks Sharon and team."

Brooklyn, New York
Brenda K. Thomas - Author

"I am glad to be a part of such a phenomenal group of women. Being a part of the Collective gives me a sense of peace. As I am building my brands I know if I ever feel lost all I have to do is log on and I know without a doubt there is something that can help... whether it is the materials that Sharon has shared or reaching out for help from a great group of women who seek to lift one another up with realness, support and love."

Columbus, Ohio

Don’t sort through another e-book with content that barely applies to you
Don’t sit through another e-course with lessons on things you already know
Don’t get lost in another Facebook Group with members who aren’t involved

No bullshit. No fluff. Real, actionable content that will move you closer to profitability



Exclusive to WomeneurCollective members, access our curated “Black Book” of Reliable Service Providers. Available to design your logo or website, register your trademark, set up your bookkeeping, file your taxes and more. Sharon has either used their service or placed them through a strict vetting process. You can book their service directly inside our community.


Roadmap with step-by-step guidance of what to do in every stage of your business: idea, planning, pre-launch, launch & growth


Bundles of workbooks, templates, instructional videos, cheat sheets and audio files discussing a specific business-related topic distributed once monthly. Access anytime once it’s published.


Collection of endless resources distributed and published throughout the month and include video replays, audio files, worksheets, e-books, templates, infographs, cheat sheets and Sound Bites (under 10-minutes instructional video). Access anytime once it’s published.


Founder and serial entrepreneur Sharon Beason shares her 12+ years of experience in a live Virtual Classroom. A 45 minute learning experience on a specific topic. Tune in live with Sharon and your Collective peers in a zoom meeting room or catch the recorded replay.


Learn from the experts through the WomeneurCollective’s periodic Q&A Interviews. Leaders in trademark, contract law, social media, design, branding, and more to give advice exclusively to members.



Receive member-only discounts on one-to-one-strategy sessions with Founder, Sharon


All worksheets, workbooks, templates and e-books can be filled in and saved online without the hassle of needing a printer


Increase your brand awareness with a custom business profile. Your profile is searchable through the membership directory and can include your logo, upcoming events, and contact information to easily connect with fellow collectives from around the world. 


Participate in periodic, thought-provoking 3 to 20-day challenges that will force you to reflect, assess, step out of your comfort zone and share, learn and grow in both your personal and business life.



Once monthly, Founder Sharon will select a specific topic for you to receive constructive criticism and expert feedback on. All Hot Seats take place in our community forum and submissions are reviewed and critiqued on video. The replay is available for unlimited access.




Access to content any time.


Nicole Woodcox Bolden - Thriving With Baby

"The Collective has been a group that has not only encouraged me to stay on this entrepreneur journey but has also held me accountable to taking action. I have enjoyed having a professional community of strong women that understand me on a different level than some other professional groups I have been a part of."

Carol Stream, Illinois
Olajumoke Opemuti - Gadiel Ventures

"I am listening to your Audio files on Target Marketing. I have never seen anyone give of themselves like you do! You are fire!!! You are dropping everything as if we are your children wanting the best for them. I am so glad to be in this forum, so glad!"

Lagos, Nigeria
Faith Joyner - For Wives Only

"I absolutely love being in the WomeneurCollective! Sharon has given me a fresh perspective about being a confident and authentic entrepreneur. She also gives great advice on how to work smarter not harder. I've grown my counseling and membership business based off of the work we've done together. Thanks, Sharon!"

Atlanta, Georgia
Kinya Brown - Kreativ Statement

"My experience has been one of growing via the education provided in the business kits! I have so many notes and implemented so many things I have learned."

Lansing, Illinois
Barbara Ford Shabazz - Intentional Activities

"The WomeneurCollective experience is about celebration and collaboration over competition. It has given me the opportunity to learn, grow, be transparent, and build genuine friendships with other femalepreneurs who understand and share my goals and values."

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Kelli Davis -KD Consulting Associates

"My experience within the WomeneurCollective has been refreshing. From the moment I joined, I've been showered with useful, applicable information and endless support from Sharon and other collective members. The knowledge base in the Collective covers a wide range of industries and keep me inspired and motived on a daily basis. I'm very grateful for the WomeneurCollective."

Washington, D.C.
Eliza Bulz - Eliza Design Studio

"Sharon has built a wonderful community experience and steps up the game every month with new resources and challenges. I've been a member from the start, and you can't find this kind of value for new entrepreneurs anywhere else. Sharon is a game changer, leading like a boss. If you are looking for practical resources with a massive badass dose of inspiration and motivation, WomeneurCollective is the place for you!"

Sibiu, România
Faith Taylor - Bare Beauti

"My experience has been amazing!! From the wealth of knowledge and expertise given by Sharon to the support and feedback from the Collective members. I have grown personally & professionally by applying what I've learned and stepping out of my comfort zone! An incredible community where I can be me!!"

Bridgetown, Barbados
Yael Forman - FlaGo

"I absolutely love being in the WomeneurCollective - It is my go-to for advice, tips and straight up direction when I feel lost. I also highly value Sharon's mission to keep us small business owners focused and on TRACK - no distractions - only goal-achieving in the Womeneur Collective!"

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Meet Our Featured Expert Guests

Periodically we invite industry leaders, influencers, and game changers to share their expert knowledge with you inside the monthly Business Kits. Their interviews, worksheets and other valuable resources are all available to you inside.

Faith Mitton, ESQ




Africa Miranda


Stefanie Newell


Ahyiana Angel


Apryl Beverly


Tiffany Tolliver


Melissa P. Bernier, ESQ


A membership experience for female business owners serious about getting their complete shit together…

You don’t need another e-course. You don’t want another book. You don’t want another coach or consultant to take your money and run or teach you the same shit you already know. And you definitely don’t want another group of people who talk talk talk but get nothing done done done. It’s time to cut through all the fluff and the bullshit. It’s time to talk strategies that work.

You don’t have time to explore the hundreds of blogs, attend countless conferences and workshops and walk away with information that may or may not be helpful to you.


The WomeneurCollective is the answer, and the doors are currently OPEN.

The WomeneurCollective is NOT for everyone, so check the info below to help you decide


  • Entrepreneur-to-be who’s looking for actionable steps & clarity to start their business ​
  • Existing entrepreneurs who want to grow a profitable business
  • Doers who aren’t just going to soak up all the instructional content and never implement… you still need to put your back into it!​
  • Lady bosses seeking no-nonsense advice from an experienced entrepreneur​
  • Badasses who want to join a global, supportive community of like-minds​


  • Someone who believes success happens overnight and not willing to work their entire ass of (yes, both damn cheeks)​
  • Someone who doesn’t understand dedication and focus
  • Someone expecting guaranteed solutions – Sharon teaches what works (because she’s doing it!), but no promises made​
  • Someone who is going to judge and criticize others based on where they are in their journey​
  • People who can’t handle the truth or don’t want to hear the truth

Are you ready to…

CONNECT on a global level with like-minded business women

GROW your business with valuable tools and resources created by experts

CREATE authentic business relationships and partnerships

RECEIVE business mentorship and constructive feedback

BUILD your business on a solid foundation


Join Us!


Most frequent questions and answers

Sharon will be available to members during the Virtual Classes, Office Hours in the members only interactive community. Direct one-on-one services are not included within the membership.

Of course! And if you decide to become a yearly member, you get a 15% discount.

Yes. If you feel the collective is not right for you, you may cancel your membership at any time.

Contact us with any questions:

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